New pet group

There are so many instructables about pets floating around here, that I thought it would be nice to have a place to put them all together. There's a dog group right now, but I don't see any about cats or other pets. So I created the group 'paws, claws, and fins' if anyone wants to join it

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GibbonsRock9 years ago
Hi Shangrilarcadia and the Paws Claws and Fins group!

Introduction: My wife and I are cephalopod biologists who met under the tropical sun of Bonaire- and island neither of us call home. She's Dutch, I'm Marylandian. We're currently tragically cephalopodless, but our focus has shifted to studying old world chameleons, specifically Meller's Chameleons.

I recently published my first instructible: A free range environment for large chameleonsA free range environment for large chameleons.

It's a primer for people up to the challenge of keeping old world chameleons.

I hope to hear from other animal lovers in this little community!

Cheers! -Jim

PS: cephalopods are octopus and squid and their kin.
Goodhart10 years ago
sure :-) Some of our present and past Cavies: Jasmine, the gray Agouti, Snuggles typing a letter on the computer, Snuggles again wanting to give a kiss through the open cage door, Elvis, Marshmellow (Marshy) and Snuggles, Cuddles - gone but not forgotten, Shadow and Shamrock, and finally Honey - a beautiful golden colored guinea pig that did not have nearly a long enough life. He was very precious to us while he was here however.
Ellens Pics 2215131.jpgEllens Pics 2215182.jpgElvis n Shamrock.jpgMarshmellow n Snuggles.jpgCuddlesAgain.jpgShadow n Shamrock.jpg