New (plausible) semi auto knex gun idea.

        Ok, i came up with a TRUE semi auto idea for K'NEX guns. It works like this. The trigger is up at the very front of the barrel. The ram has a bunch of bullets in front of it. Every time you pull the trigger the ram moves forward,and a bullets pops out. Also, if you hold the trigger, everything will fly out at once, creating full auto!
        Please give me credit AND a link if you use this.

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Lowney8 years ago
Nice idea, but the bullets would leave the barrel faster than you can let go of the trigger.
jollex8 years ago
 Why this wouldn't work/be practical:
1) The bullets would leave the barrel faster than you can let go of the trigger.
2) It would be practically impossible to load.
3) It wouldn't shoot far at all.

DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
2- You could just take the ram out, and load it from the back, then replace it.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
Yeah, that's so practical.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
It's no different from a gun with a fixed mag, like the ZKAR.  You take the pusher out, insert ammo, replace pusher.  Same with his mech idea.
jollex DJ Radio8 years ago
 Yes it is very different from a gun with a fixed mag. First of all, you would have to take the ram out, load bullets in, replace the rams (and rubberbands) every shot.  Also, it would have bad range.
DJ Radio jollex8 years ago
Every shot?  Not when you do it my way. 
dsman1952768 years ago
Actually, this design is not a true semi-auto by our definition. when you fire all the loaded bullets, you need to cock it again, and load.
glugnar8 years ago
sorry nypa but i agree with them 1 it would not shoot far and 2 it would be impossible to load
You can load it by taking the ram out and putting the ammo in.  Then replace the ram.
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