New removable mag idea

The mag slides through the other layers like a rail system (see pic 2-4). Then when you fire the firing pin keeps the mag in place (pic 5).
The mag also has a long hole on one side so that the mag pusher doesn't have to have a long stick going out of it. That's the new idea so anyone can use it now if they give credit to me. =)=)       (i also give credit to the jamalam)

Picture of New removable mag idea
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Sharir17016 years ago
omg so awesome... you must be psychic, cause i made like a mag that was 99% the same, with the one open side, with the rails, with the same type of bullet, with the internal mag pusher, with the rods sticking in to hold mag in place, with the ram, also holding mag in place and so on... i didn't post mine, but it was like almost the exact same... lol !
Football viking boy (author)  Sharir17016 years ago
lol =D
The Jamalam6 years ago

I did this a few years ago, sorry :|
i guess i wasn't clear, my goal while making this was to make a removable mag that doesn't have a stick out, which led me to this. also on the fifth-six picture you see the hinges on the mag, which can also be used for other non-removable mags like this one (pic) my mag includes all these things and uses rods for the rail while yours uses connecters just at the top for the railing, srry for the long comment :(
Oh right, sorry :P No worries, I like the design either way.
don't worry, its no problem, i'll add some credit to you
you needn't bother, you've gone a step further than me I realised; mine doesn't cover the top of the barrel.
Football viking boy (author) 6 years ago
thanks =)
MrRadicalEd6 years ago
and who ever said innovation was dead? nice idea there..
thanks =D