New shotgun concept?

Is this a possible shotgun concept?

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yerjoking7 years ago
I made a pump action that shot two white rods at a time, was so much fun and using hoppers meant easier to reload but prone to jamming. Might try a closer hopper next time.

Try it out.
dsman1952767 years ago
If you use grey connecters as ammo, it should work better :-)
It's possible, but not recommended.
travw7 years ago
No. Jollex did this, but with magazines, not hoppers.
sprout_less7 years ago
 Doesn't seem new but I might make one.
stale567 years ago

Like what most people said, it isn't very hard. Look at Foresthell12's Knex pistol's hopper. Then it shouldn't be to hard to modify it to shoot some rods. Then you would have to give a true trigger (if you want to).

TheDunkis7 years ago
Jollex did something almost exactly like this. I don't care for the concept either because it takes up a lot of space and you have 3x the mag pusher friction.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Jollex did something like this...
~KGB~7 years ago
i tried this before...
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
brilliant! are you gonna try this out yourself?
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