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I like the new site layout. I'm sure others will have a problem with it but change is typically a good thing. It will just take some getting use too is all. 

Keep up the good work!

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tim_n5 years ago
Personally I morn the days when we went from a page full of interesting projects in different categories which seemed to be endlessly updating to what seems to be a rather slow boring format of only three items per category.

I lost interest in the front page a long time ago and rely on the newsletter to perk up my day. Without it, I doubt I would ever come back to instructables because when I log in, rarely anything catches my eye anymore.

on my 24" widescreen, I only see ebooks as a category but a massive ad for contests, half a picture of a t-shirt for sale, lots of boring text.

Please put the blog/featured author posts at the bottom - the "more" buttons take up valuable realestate - maybe reduce the size of the pictures and get 8 instructables per category. The more buttons could be on the far left as a sort of bookmark tag hanging off the white into the grey?

Instructables is about the instructables!
mikeasaurus5 years ago
Mouseover the header now has a delay!
PedroDaGr85 years ago
I hate this new layout. What used to be a quick single click is now more difficult. A design should never make things HARDER unless there is a net positive benefit elsewhere. In this case I don't see ANY benefit to the user. It has made it quite difficult to find things, makes this site feel very limited and narrow and in general betrays the richness of the 'able community.

What do we get in return, advertisers have their own tab. Which of course helps support the site, but I don't see why they couldnt' have their own tabs and not ruin the browsing experience for the rest of us.
kelseymh5 years ago
The active pop-up is an extremely annoying disruption to use of the site. Until it is fixed so that they only come up after a mouse click, I am probably going to stop using Instructables.
I agree that the pop-up menu is rather irritating - my apologies to those who spent time creating it. It's disruptive to the browsing experience. It shows too much - I don't want to see all of the recently featured Instructables from every category at the same time, nor the most recent forum topics.

The new menu, although quite flashy, detracts rather than enhances. Please revert to the old menu. Thanks for listening :)
frollard5 years ago
I don't mind the look of it, but I agree with Kelseymh -- the obtrusive mouseovers are ...simply obnoxious. I can't move my mouse from top to bottom of screen without having to overshoot the menu by 400 pixels just to make it go away. popups are great but require a click, or hover for a second.

Alternately, the new keyword box (for those in the community who have access to edit keywords) have had the 'x' to delete an individual keyword removed...meaning to adjust a list of 10 words with one bad one we have to delete them all and retype 9.
Click 'add keyword', then options to delete existing keywords appear.

Wasn't it always like that?
mpilchfamily (author) 5 years ago
Ok i tried to stay positive about this. Usually i'm one of the first to complain about things. Often i end up being wrong and people sing praises for the changes i hated. So i guess it makes since that i try to take the positive road on this and it blows up in my face. Par for the course i guess.

But the new system has to change. The only reason i can see that these changes where made was to give the sponsors there own tabs. This is not a good sign. In the past Instructables has been all about the users and contributors being first. Now it seams we are taking a back seat to the sponsors.

A++ for the look
F- for the functionality

Once again i don't mind the new layout and look but the way the menus pop up has got to change. Its really detracting from the user experience.
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