New site layout?!

Well, i got to work this morning, and went on to check ibles, and i get hit with a paper wallet, i just checked it, and ive found a new layout, and a 'customise' feature! Also, i am able to create a new topic inside of safari instead of having to use firefox! What does everyone think to it? Personally i love the customize feature, it lets me put in direct links to where i want to go. But i must say i miss the drop down box feature, especially on the 'submit' link And i preffered the old location of the links (in the orange band) - I never use the 'categories' It does seem to look a bit squashed up top, (as a graphic designer its a bit unpleasing) But overall, i like the new style!

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Duly noted... It's messing with my head a bit, I liked those drop downs, they were easy to deal with... I customized my links so I can go directly to recent and have the usual stuff in there like comments etc.
gmjhowe (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Yes, thats what Ive done, the recent link being the best. Ive also got just the link straight to the forums, wish it would go to view all auto though. I wonder if they will add the drop down boxes back, i guess i wont use them as much with the customize link. Wait, ive got it, they should give us 1 customizable drop down box, then we could put what we wanted in that?
I didn't add the forum one since community does the same thing... I don't think it's finished yet as the links are still black and stuff, it seems like an odd thing considering the rest of the menus are white...
The FORUMS link will take you to the Forums View All page, which is different than the Community link.


We're working on having a view all for everything in the community section.
Oh missed that one, by the way did the view next ten 'ibles on other peoples page link get fixed?
Yep, I'm pretty sure it did.
Aye it's been fixed, I decided to check a few profiles including the one I noticed it on.
i like the view all shortcut for forums i thought it was a mistake but the best mistake so far
gmjhowe (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
yes, but its also weird that it only came live at about 10.30ish Shouldnt they all be in bed? unless someone has been burning the midnight oil. I know what you mean tho, it looks a tiny bit unfinished…
It's coming on 4am there, granted I was working on stuff until 5.30am last night... Maybe they're planning to become nocturnal...
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