New to The Microprocessor World

Hello everyone im new to the microprocessor world but trust me im eager to learn! I have been reading every piece of information i can get my hands on about microprocessors. I just wanted to find out what you guys thought the best place to start was for a newbie AVR Possible ? Just wanted some opinions from the best i know if you have any tips or anything also please fell free to post about them thanks so much guys Alex- AKA Zus

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wackyvorlon11 years ago
Personally, I'm working mostly with PIC microcontrollers just now. This isn't so much a matter of deliberate choice, as it is a matter of historical convenience. Right now I'm working with the 16F88, which I find to be quite a nice little chip. I've setup MPLAB to use the B Knudsen CC5X C compiler and it's quite easy to work with. The startup cost for a PIC is startlingly low, SparkFun sells a variety of very cheap programmers to work with.

By far the level best tutorial for learning the pic that I've seen is the Elmer 160 course put together by the American QRP Club. It focuses mainly on asm for the PIC, and gives an wonderful explanation.
photozz11 years ago
After playing with a few, I found the Picaxe controllers to be some of the cheapest and easiest to learn. Have almost all the advantages of a basic stamp, but start at less than 2.00 each. Some of the larger chips can drive servos and such directly.

This is the best US source:

Plenty of source code available, and the editor is very simple. Hardest part is getting the serial interface wired correctly. Always takes me a couple of tries for some reason. It's worth the money to get one of the 8 Terminal Protoboards to start.
westfw11 years ago
I did go and create an Instructable with some comments on choosing a micro for "learning" purposes.

IIRC, this was in response to another forum thread asking a question similar to this one; I don't think I realized that there were two threads...
badpacket11 years ago Lots of Atmel developers frequent the site, friendly and knowledgeable stop on your interweb travels....
zus (author) 11 years ago
ive been doing a lot of research lately and the site that i found that helped me the most with pic controllers which is the direction that i plan on heading is

check it out
Gurft11 years ago
I'm in the same place as you are as far as microcontrollers is concerned. I've found that anything in the AVR or PIC family is pretty easy to learn and understand, but it looks like the AVRs have less 'startup' costs if you will as far as programmers/etc are concerned.
zus (author) 11 years ago
Yeah its been 9 days since i posted this lol anyone ever check this foumr