Newb Question About Contest Requirements

I would like to enter a contest. However what I want to include is simply "purchase" recommendations that makes a complete set. I should maybe clarify: I'm looking at the Amps & Speakers Contest. I have an awesome setup I would love to suggest, but nothing is actually "DIY" made. It would be simply what to buy, why, and how to setup them up. Is this acceptable? Or does something about the setup (the amp, the speakers, etc.) have to be made yourself?

And if not, can I just make an instructable like this for the benefit of other who don't want to make something from scratch just to impart knowledge and save others a lot of time?

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Instructables are step-by-step instructions for how to do something, so how to set up a speaker system is totally acceptable. If you do a good job explaining and documenting the process, there's no reason why you couldn't win. The key to winning contests is engaging the community, so give it a shot! As you said, even if you don't win, you're contributing what you know to the community, and that's never a bad thing. Good luck!

Wonderful! Thanks a bunch!

Based on what I've always been told about contests, the only thing that matters is your photographs and text.

Those are the sole determinants of whether or not your project is original and thereby eligible (assuming the subject fits the contest).

Ugh. I have a cell phone. That's it! lol.... so probably not "winning" material by those standards. But... perhaps the means to make things look pretty neat. It's an awesome setup and would so love to save others time and money if it's acceptable.

The Afterlight App changed my life :)

All of my photos are taken with my iPhone. You'd be surprised the quality that can be accomplished.

Lighting. It's almost all lighting.

If you're going to make it very detailed, you still might win.

It just depends how much time you're willing to spend making the Instructable.

Example: Instructable of how to buy, install, and use them, etc...

actually photos and text aren't the only thing. Which would you vote for? an instructable about cutting wood with a saw or an instructable about making a cabin out of wood? If you want to win a contest you make an instructable on something that grabs the reader's attention.

also, remember the laws :)