Newcastle Makers Faire 2011 (UK)

After last years Makers Faire, me and steveastrouk decided we had to make 'Instructables at the Makers Faire' a reality. Since then we have discussed it in detail with various people from our first UK Meet up.

Jayefuu and I came up with the idea of selling an Instructables Card Game to help raise some money for activities at the Faire. So we now have some funding in place for making it a possibility.

The Makers Faire takes place on the 12-13 March 2011 as part of the Newcastle Sciencefest.

More details can be found at the Makers Faire UK Website.
If you want to take part in the Makers Faire as a Maker be sure to register your interest before the 26th November.

I have already registered our interest in an Official Instructables section.
We already have a small group of people on board to help out with the Instructables section, but we would be more than happy to have more people on board.

We would be looking specifically for anyone with a great project that we could have on show, or for people to interact with. Obviously you need to be up in newcastle for the 12-13th March.
Register interest below, or contact myself, steveastrouk, or Jayefuu directly.

I plan to post another topic closer the date letting you know we are going to be there, and what we are upto!

Picture attached of us all at the UK Instructables Meet up

Picture of Newcastle Makers Faire 2011 (UK)
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Kiteman7 years ago
The future is murky, and it's during term time, but I hope to be there.
gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Thats fair enough, I understand, we will not count on you, but would be very happy to have you help out running the stall on the days if you want to.
Sounds like an offer for the elderly learned scholar to muck out the stalls.
I should hope Jake is old enough not to need mucking out...
gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
You forget, Jayefuu will be there...
Kiteman gmjhowe7 years ago
He's no match for #2 Son...
thats what she said
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
lizzyastro7 years ago
I suggest we have a rota so that people sign up to do a two hour stint at the Instruct Table. That way we can ensure coverage for both days and time to check out what else is going on.
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