Newly Published Instructables not Appearing

Not sure if this is a bug or it now normal for new Instructables to take hours to show up on the site after being published?  The last one took a few hours and currently one I published 6+ hours ago is still not visible on the site.  Previously, after I hit 'Publish' it only took a couple minutes for an Instructable to become public.  Thanks!

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ProBodger6 years ago
I posted my first instuctable today, and it still hasn't shown up It was a worry, I thought I had done somerthing wrong! So I have deleted rehashed and republished a few times. This has helped put my mind at rest, hope that all is up and running soon.
annahowardshaw (author)  ProBodger6 years ago
Congrats on your first Instructable! Looks great : )
Jayefuu6 years ago
To prevent spam and offensive Instructables there's a list of words that will automatically put an Instructable into a queue for checking by a human. This sometimes takes up to a day. While it's annoying for genuine authors, it's a lot better for a few of us to have to wait a little while than the site become inundated with adverts for roofing, drugs and cheap watches, right?
annahowardshaw (author)  Jayefuu6 years ago
Thank you for this info! I've had so many just show up immediately after publishing that I assumed something was amiss. Everything is cool now. Thanks again : )
kelseymh6 years ago
It's the "Cookies for Kitties" I'ble? Looks like it got through the filters just fine once Staff arrived at work (I'bles is in San Francisco, and works on U.S. Pacific time).
annahowardshaw (author) 6 years ago
I copied the content of the Instructable into a new template, deleted it and published the new one to test exactly how long the lag is. I hit 'Publish' at 5:59 AM (EST) and am checking in to see how long it will be before it shows up on the site (and can receive views/be entered in contests, etc.). Hasn't happened yet...
annahowardshaw (author)  annahowardshaw6 years ago
Wow! It is still not available.
annahowardshaw (author)  annahowardshaw6 years ago
Okay, that's two hours now. Also, since not many new projects are showing up, I'm guessing I'm not the only person with Instructables listed as published that are not publicly available. Or did the process just change and I missed it?
annahowardshaw (author)  annahowardshaw6 years ago
Not up yet. I did get the 'Your contest entry was received e-mail' right at 5:59, so that is confirmation that part of the publishing process happened immediately.