Newsletter Links not working.

In the  instructables newsletters I receive, links for the initial Featured item work

but all the other links in "Editors Picks" do not function. (It was working before?)
I have Windows 10 64 bit. I am using Firefox 44.0.02 and

Thunderbird to read emails. To view the instructables that interest me

I have to do a  search on the website it is annoying.  


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va3ddn1 year ago

I have exactly the same issue. Running Chrome with Win 10.

As well, many of the buttons towards the page bottom, like "See All Featured", "Customize Feed", "Browse Contests", have no attached links.

Very frustrating and makes the site too bothersome to use so I just skip it most of the time.

steve760631 year ago

Very frustrating...I find myself just deleting the newsletters now as it's too difficult to 'find' the featured projects!

I too wish they'd bring back the links on the featured projects!

See Seamster's response here.

I guess the world has decided I don't need links :) I can't click on your 'here.' to see where it goes :(

That's weird, it doesn't work for me either. Try this one.

RGustavson1 year ago

Same problem (still). Using Windows 10, V1511 OS Build 10586.218, AMD A10-570APU, 64-bit and OUTLOOK 2010, V 14.0.7166.5000 (32-bit).
Both "" and "" are set to "Safe Senders"
Very frustrating trying to find a particular item and having to sort through many-many results when search is done.

idollery1 year ago


The newsletter links have not been working for a while for me either. I was hoping it was only a short term problem.

I am using Office 2010, with Windows 7 64bit.

Looking at the email source the hyperlinks code are in the email. Copying the hyperlink and pasting it into explorer only gets me to the home page and not the link advertised. I am unsure if the problem is the link is more than 800 characters long or the link has an error.

Same here.

Using Boxer Pro on an iPad, iOS 9.3

Yonatan241 year ago

Send an email to

janern1 year ago

same here, again. Using outlook. However in the newsletter from last sunday (Raspberry pi 2 Retro...). all the links worked again, but the one that came yesterday (High-Effinciency Dimmable...) it was back to not working.

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