Newsletter not working...

I have 2 emails and I usually recieve my newsletter in my hotmail and I also have my gmail acct. Where I also would like to receive it.
For the last month, every time i receive the newsletter in my hotmail I sign up on my gmail with a "Your email has been added!" confirmation message, but at the end nothing happens. After all this time I still receive the newsletter only on my hotmail only.
I've tried everything I could think of: to change the subscription at the bottom of the newsletter I recieve in hotmail (but it lets you change everything but the email itself, so...), I changed the email associated to my Instructables acct. I checked for junk mail, but it's useless... Im not receiving the newsletter on my gmail at all. Can you please help me?

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
Which newsletter, the Project Newsletter (you can signup at the bottom of any page, look for the "Join Our Newsletter") or the Author Newsletter (please send me a PM with your email and I'll add you).

Also, please edit this forum topic and remove your email addresses as it's a public site and anyone can access your email address and spam your account.
cubaque (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Well, actually is the project newsletter that doesnt work...
I keep on signing up at the bottom and i get the confirmation message but still I only get the newsletter on my hotmail not on my gmail...
I sent you the private message tho.
thx anyway!
If you tried signing up on the bottom of this page with your email address then please wait and see if it gets the newsletter when the next issue comes out (they are released twice a week). If you still don't have an email in the account you want please email
cubaque (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
I just sent an email to them, let's see what happens.
ty again !
canucksgirl5 years ago
A staff member will have to look into this for you.