"Next" button for comments is now the "Same" button

I was looking at an Instructable with a lot of comments on it, and wanted to see comments 51-100. Clicking the "Next" button in the comments section reloaded the page with comments 1-50 displayed again. Thinking that it might be just the one Instructable that had the problem, I checked several others, and all of them did the same thing. Here are some of the pages I checked:


I am using IE8 / WinXP at the moment. I'll check my other browsers & operating systems as soon as I am able.

UPDATE: On the Win7 machine, FF 3.6.3 pages correctly, but IE8 does the same as on the XP machine.

UPDATE 2: I checked this from the public internet kiosk at my local Burger King, and the same paging issue occurred. No version info was available, but it looked like WinXP/IE7 to me. There were numerous other display errors & problems with the browser crashing when I tried to update this topic or post a reply, so the validity of the test may be questionable due to local issues in BK's network.

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This should be fixed, please clear your cache and see if you're still getting the problem.
RavingMadStudios (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago
Yup, that's got it. I didn't even have to clear the cache. Thanks for taking care of it!
kcls7 years ago
having this same problem, but with instructables on member pages as well. FF 3.5.7 and Win7 Home Premium
8bit7 years ago
Ahh, thanks guys. I get a feeling I know whoever is programming this site is using firefox. Doesn't work in opera 10 or above either. Well, at least I know a way around it. 
RavingMadStudios (author)  8bit7 years ago
As I understand it, the site is intentionally optimized for FF. Not to say that they don't try to make it work right for all browsers, but FF is clearly the browser of choice for Robot's minions. Robot itself has been silent on the issue, as he doesn't want to cause hurt feeling among his extended family.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  I get 51-100. It also displays the whole iBle at the top, which doesn't seem necessary to me.
.  FF 3.6.3 / WinXP Pro SP2
RavingMadStudios (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Is it not supposed to display the whole thing at the top when you page through the comments? I think mine has always done that.
.  It has done it as long as I can remember. Still doesn't seem necessary. YMMV
RavingMadStudios (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
I get it. Yeah, it doesn't seem necessary, but it doesn't bug me either. I do wish that it would advance to the next comment page without scrolling all the way back to the top of the i'ble, though.
.  Send Robot some Feedback. Try to justify it as making it easier for new users to navigate and thus be more likely to go pro. ;)
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