New York: Not exactly tourist-friendly

A British mother took her teenage daughters to New York as a Christmas present.

Shortly after arriving, she was hospitalised with pneumonia.

Social workers told her they would look after her daughters in a foster home, but:

  • They were taken to an orphanage
  • They were strip-searched
  • They were asked intimate questions like whether they had been abused or attempted suicide.
  • They were required to shower in front of observing adults.
  • They were split up
  • They were prevented from visiting their mother in hospital
  • The Social Services have informed the mother that she is now under investigation.

Is this a typical occurrence in the US?

Or is it just New York?

BBC story
AOL article
Daily News article

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chaoscampbell10 years ago
Its horrible that that happened to them... But what would you have suggested they do instead? they had no one to care for them... they're isn't exactly an over abundance of willing foster parents, and even fewer good ones. As far as an orphanage goes... what are they expected to do? just be like... "oh you look like a nice kid, were just gonna trust you have no drugs or weapons on you" The majority of children that end up in these systems, arn't exactly the most well bread, well raised and behaved children... its unfortunate... but unwantedness breeds crime. The strip search was very unfortunate in there individual situation but was more then nessicary for the saftey and security of the institution. I feel bad for them, and wish it could have been different...
arent you happy we live in canada lmao....we have that canadian hospitality EH! we say sure come take our free health care and here have a molson too!. you can sleep in my igloo tonight! heck tomorrow well go to the new ice hospital to have you checked out! lol
ur from canada?!! Canadia is the best!!!!!!!!! seriously, are you from Canada?
whats so surprising about that?
dude, I freaking adore Canada!!!!! I've always wanted to go there!!! Wow...look at me!!1 I'm talking to a canadian!!1*faint*
its not that uncommon.....
to live there i mean.
It is in the US! ;-)
I dont care!!! Ive never talkied to a canadiadian before!!!!
lol..... its just canada
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