Nickname for my bass guitar

I have decided to name my bass guitar (like you hear all the famous musicians do), and i want some help brainstorming. Details about my bass: Really low action, Jay Turser imitation of a Music Man Stingray, 4 string, dark blue to the point of almost being black, wide neck, just generally awesome. Oh, and anyone else have a name for their instrument?

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shaqedorr2 years ago

Stringo Starr

sugg229 years ago
my bass is named Hiraldo. i don't know why, really. its a Washburn Bantam XB122, orangy brown. and my SWR WorkingPro12 Amp is named PAM, because that is amp backwards. umm, so for your bass - my suggestion is knuckles. because my friend has a sting ray, and i like to slam my knuckles against the strings
wingman246 (author)  sugg229 years ago
yeah when i think knuckles though i think of the red friend of sonic... one i have in mind IMA, acronym for Instrument of Mass Awesomeness
"Mira" - Musical Instrument that is Really Awesome.

(Plus, there was an infamous British mass murderer called Mira Hindley)

she was not nice! don't name it after her!

I bought my first bass from cash converters when I was I 13, that had "Christine" engraved on the front, never named my bass since :P

PAM isn't amp backwards...
well, it has the same letters
Yeah I knew what you where going for just had to correct you.
qutt3 years ago

thats so cool i got the same bass and dont know what to name it

lil larry6 years ago
How 'bout slegdehamma?
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