Night Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Haeber shot some inspiring night photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Haeber gained access to Neverland somehow and shot many beautiful photos which are available on Flickr.

Apparently Jackson's 2,500 acre children-only amusement park was up for auction tomorrow due to a debt of $24 million that Jackson was carrying on the land. Luckily (?) it was announced yesterday that Jackson was going to be able to save the ranch from auction.

What's this got to do with Instructables? It's easy to see from the photos that just about everything in the Neverland Ranch is custom made and tailored specifically for the needs of Jackson and the children. Such craftsmanship, so unique, so well executed - could Michael Jackson be the ultimate Maker?

via Laughing Squid

Picture of Night Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch
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The ironman6 years ago
even if he was a pedo which he wasnt hes still better than justin beiber

Justin Bieber still walks though...

yes but he hasnt went through puberty and he is 17 im 13 im going through puberty and i can sing better than him

Right, you meant "M J sang better that J B ever has", I'll give you that.

and danced better
Kryptonite8 years ago
The way I see it, there's two Michael Jacksons. The dancing black guy (no racism intended) and that creapie white guy... Although seriously he did a cool moon walk.
Labot20019 years ago
DjProToJeeX9 years ago
ooh michael jackson. he is so good with children.
on a serious note* what do you think the R&D costed on something like NeverLand Ranch.
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