How cool are Ninja?

A lot of people think just the word is cool, that Ninja are the ultimate (everything).
A lot of people spend much time bickering over who are "real Ninja" or not.

People also find Ninja films amusing (or even hilarious, myself included)
And of course the "Official Ninja Website"

Beyond people who think Ninja are totally awesome, I'd like to know what they've really done?

WW2 - any involvement in the Pacific?
Assassinations - anyone famous?
Overthrown any governments?
Killed anyone?

Are the real Ninja subject to some conspiracy-outlook where "if you've heard about them they aren't real Ninja"?


Picture of Ninja
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ANDY!7 years ago
i have ninja skills, but im not a ninja
nvxcmz7 years ago
The ninja did exist and they were pretty awesome, but the thing is ninjas were trained to basically stab some one from behind and then run away. but nowadays ninjas are overly romanticized and many myths and legends have arisen about them, kind of like chuck Norris jokes. All in all i respect Bruce lee and the samurai with the ninjas coming in third.
lemonie (author)  nvxcmz7 years ago
What I really wanted to know as if Ninja have done anything other than "basically stab some one from behind and then run away". I'd agree with the rest of what you said (old topic though)

Emsaid8 years ago
Yes, i agree this dude is not a ninja... (there is only one true ninja, Ask A Ninja!)
lemonie (author)  Emsaid8 years ago
You mean Masaaki Hatsumi? Do you have his phone number, and does he speak English? L
Ask A Ninja is not Soke Hatsumi. Just some comedian pretending to be a ninja. Funny, but not authentic.
lemonie (author)  Camisado8 years ago
Oh yes, I've come across that (not really my sense of humour), thanks I'd missed what the Captain was pointing at. L
OK. Just stressing things out, cuz saying that Soke Hatsumi is some internet comedian pretending to be a ninja is really insulting his good name.
lemonie (author)  Camisado8 years ago
I don't think either of us were, but it's best that no one is in any doubt, thanks. L
You're welcome.
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