Ninja Vs Secret Agents

who will win

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Ninjas FTW!

by the way, Bond actually was a Ninja in the film "You Only Live Twice".
atrpcevska5 years ago
it's definitely ninjas
Mothys7 years ago
go ninjas
skunkbait7 years ago
Let's see... Ninja- Sharp sticks, swords and smoke bombs. Secret Agent- Sniper rifle, body armour, plastic explosives. I'm gonna have to go with the secret agent.
buh, look at it this way:

Ninja - blades, smoke bombs, the like... plus crazy skills and training, top physical condition, can be invisible", can spot hidden enemies, dodge bullets (and by that, i mean moving in less time than it takes for the opponent to pull the trigger), and possibly modern equipment...

secret agent - anything they want under 100,000 dollars, ok combat training still less than militarywhich is still less than monk/ninja
OH YEAH, and their physical condition is okay... and not great
I definitely agree about the physical training and condition, and most Ninja's have much sharper senses. -Hand to hand (and ultra-close quarters) combat: I'd pick the Ninja, no doubt. -Combat beyond 50ft.: Still gotta go with the Secret Agent. Lastly, the secret agents always have cooler hair.
I'm with the Skunk, since ninjas are mostly legend, you'll have to pit them against their secret agent counterpart; James Bond and MacGyver. Those two versus a pair of ninjas would swing in the agents favor.
well, look at batman, he's a modern ninja... and he could beat bond or Macgyver any day in a fight...
He's a superhero, that's a completely different class. Both secret agents and ninjas are in the employ of another (for the most part 'nyways).
but he's a superhero with no super powers... cool gadgets (like secret agents) crazy ninja skills (like crazy ninjas)
Oh yeah! Batman has the best of both worlds. But what if Superman had Ninja skills, an unlimited budget and a band of former KGB and CIA agents as a support crew?
well, superman still wouldn't have the drive that batman has...

superman ~kind of~ had parents, and they never died...

KGB... i don't think they'd work for batman unless they got a lot of money...

CIA... wait wait, isn't that the kind of person you'd employ?
So in short he's a bit of both...
buh i said that!
*re-reads comment*

oops, i thought i said that...
Ok, let's be "realistic" here. The "Beverly Hills Ninja" vs. "Maxwell Smart".
*cakles* That would be genius..
How 'bout Hong Kong Phooey Vs. Inspector Gadget?
hmm... beyond 50 ft... bow and arrows can go 300ft easily... beyond 300ft... teh ninja will track you down! they are invisible.... and don't forget, they could steal guns, or something from secret agents.... secret agents... they really just do recon... james bond never got away without help from tech or other people... guns jam... ammo runs out...
oh yeah, and then there's batman... he's like both...still, his skills are all from crazy ninja training...
KentsOkay7 years ago
Secret agents. James Bond and MacGyver could take on a pair of ninjas any day...
Jack Bauer beats all.
deflect? but i like secret angents. they pwnzorz,+they look pwnage(even tohugh ninjas do also...)=pwnt!
nah, coz ninjas are basicly secret agents, but with more skillz and training...
DJ Radio7 years ago
ninjas-they can delect bullets
The Jamalam7 years ago
ninjas obviously, the secret agent wouldnt even get the chance to see his killer
Actually, ninjas are the obvious choice because josefu0 is an Asian supremacist.