Ninja Weapons 101?

May I ask what qualifications you posess? When you say you "know the way of all the weapons and how to make them in under 10 mins" you are lying. Yes they can be made badly form odd found materials throughout the home, but to make for examble a ninja-to bokken or yari spear at best will take days.

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username2526 years ago
Not naming anything specific, couldn't anything be a weapon? Someone who can utilize their environment is truly a warrior in my opinion.
dude7876 years ago
will some one tell me how to make a duck tape kunai plz
warrior3298 years ago
wut i'd likie to know is... u want somewhat traditional ninja weapons right? most ninja used farming equipment or crappy stuff that broke easy(ex.Their swords,they were straight because they weren't tempered therefore being weak...kunai, it was a digging tool they used much like a hand spade...koma,they were hand scythes... they had crappy peasant farmer equipment...and turned them into some of the most lethal weapons of their time through them training with them and using them everyday of their life.
thacker9 years ago
There is a guy here in Wichita that build them at speedway and he can do this under 30 minutes. It is awesome to watch and he is a really nice guy and will tell you how he does it. I went and tried and took me forever. Not as easy as it looks.
Thacker ( The Weapon ) Johson
phyco_ninja10 years ago
by the way electical covers from walmart = 50cents each hack saw (found one at the doller store)maybe 20min less if you have a power tool =
countless hours of throwing star fun his name was mog something real good instructable 5/5
phyco_ninja10 years ago
there was a dude at instuctables who showed us how to make real nice shurikens no as i try to show a friend where i learned all i can find is paper and "cd" shurikens i look for weapons and all i get is toys
I agree with havoc, im going to bet that you are around 13-15, and make imitation ninja weapons out of thing you find laying around the house. Also, I noticed it says this, "this is intended for having fun NOT KILLING PEOPLE!" in the description...Ninja weapons are meant for killing people. That's why they were invented.
tomc3uk11 years ago
I'm so ninja I can punch air at someone hard enough to knock them out, so I don't really need weapons. I guess the rubber band and hornet doesn't count?
WOW!!!!!! your cool ;) (wink)
Havoc2K7 (author)  tomc3uk11 years ago
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