Nintedo Needed for a Portable NES

I've been working on a portable NES. (Yes, Instructable will be made.) I've got two NES boards, one is completely dead, and on the other I messed up the video. (Does not display pictures correctly.) Anyway, I know many people have old unused NES's laying in their closets. Whether it's "broken" (I.E. flashing screen) or not, I'd really appreciate if you'd give one. (Or some. :D ) No, this is not going to be a cruddy looking portable, it's going to have a transparent case, going to be really thin (1-2" thick) and not that big. 5" screen; it's going to be really great. Please donate an NES. :) And do not forget! I will make an Instructable on it! It's going to be great! :D

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arylic9 years ago
I have a new nintendo 64 i would sell it if you wanted it ?for $50
mg0930mg arylic8 years ago
I don't think it is worth that much.
1up (author)  arylic9 years ago
No thanks. :)
Bartboy9 years ago
Will you pay for shipping etc.
1up (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
How much is shipping to Riverside?
Bartboy 1up9 years ago
umm, hmm, I don't know.
1up (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
Well, where are you? (city)
Bartboy 1up9 years ago
think of it as vancouver
1up (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
Uhh, that's not too far (shipping-wise). How about I'll send you $5 for S&H after I receive the NES?
Sandisk1duo 1up9 years ago
use paypal, much safer
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