Nintendo DS into PDA?

I have an old DS, and it hit me: could a nintendo DS or DS Lite be converted intto a PDA-style storage/ organizing device? The original DS size seems like it could be made into one of these. Maybe it could still run DS games. Does anyone think this is possible? Can you explain how? And what do you think its capabillities would be?

MK34247 years ago
i've found a website where they axplain how just follow this link:
MK34247 years ago
you can change it into a PDA but it is very limited, first you need a flashcard such as R4 then you need to install a homebrew application that works as a PDA such as nds file manager,moonshell,...
westfw9 years ago
We bought the NDS "web browser" cartridge... It turns out that the resolution of those displays is pretty pathetic (256x192); what's sufficient for reasonable "picture style" graphics is pretty awful trying to do text (for example.) 256x192 is about the resolution of a TV via RF modulator (probably no coincidence!) Most of you are too young to remember the early days of computing when people tried to use such schemes (and resolutions) for computer displays; you're talking 32 to 40 columns by 16 to 20 lines of text... Ouch.