Nintendo Gamecube case ideas

I love the Gamecube, it's my favourite "retro" console out there! My platinum cube has worked fine since the day I got it, but my friend was not so lucky. She stored it terribly, and when it broke beyond repair she gave it to me to have a look at: but not even recalibrating the laser could resurrect the console. She said I could keep it, so that got me thinking about what I could turn this dead console into. 

So far I was thinking:

-iPod dock with speakers
-DVD player
-Computer (not unlike the NES PC)
-Media HUB (butcher an cheap MP3 player and some speakers perhaps)

Can anyone think of any other suggestions? And not something mundane like a lunch box, but something really cool! I was definitely thinking of adding LEDs to it, to give it the "Alienware" look!

Here's a picture of the case, no idea how this would help but still I suppose it's a size comparison to a mini-disc!

Also, the computer thing has been done once before, it's called the "Pcube" if you want to Google it or something, it's pretty sweet!

Thanks for your suggestions!

Picture of Nintendo Gamecube case ideas
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Lowney (author) 6 years ago
Bump :)
leech223 Lowney6 years ago
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I approve of this post.
Maybe you could put flashy lights on it and turn it into something like a disco style media player!
Lowney (author)  Fred the evil puppet6 years ago
Haha that's a great idea! Will consider it, and I'm definitely going to put LEDs in it :D
Paint it pink! =D