Nintendo ds-ds lite-dsi.

Nintendo ds, ds lite and dsi. What do you think? Which one is the best?

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slithien7 years ago
ok, none buy any of theese..... nintendo have made a 3D DS called the 3DS. im not sure wen its coming out but i know it has a anolog stick, better graphics than a psp and it can take 3D photos and you dont have to wear 3D glasses. dont believe me??? google 3DS
Vynash (author)  slithien7 years ago
I've seen the 3DS I've even seen videos, it looks great cant wait to get it!!!
builder9688 years ago
I'm getting a DSi soon! But right now, I have a black Lite. I'm getting a blue DSi after I save up some more. I should have it by thanksgiving.
Vynash (author)  builder9688 years ago
You're welcome. my Dad said he'll get it if I give him $70 and I have $38 right now, and get $10 a week. The only downside is that I would have to buy a starter kit with my own money, so it'll be about 4-5 weeks.
Vynash (author)  builder9688 years ago
pretty awesome!
Yep, yep. Do you happen to know any wireless points you can put into your computer's USB drive that works with the DSi? 'Cause I don't have a spare network card slot, my only slot's taken up with Comcast. Did you get a blue one?
Vynash (author)  builder9688 years ago
No there is no USB port :-(

Yes I got a blue one XD
No no no no....... like a Nintendo WiFi connector. That works with a DSi.
Vynash (author)  builder9688 years ago
No idea :O

But it does have DSi points..
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