No Buy Month

I'm thinking of participating in No Buy Month: . It could be a great opportunity for makers to be extra-creative. What about running a contest related to this?

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
If you do the leg-work you can make your own contest, I'll toss in some patches and memberships! Deal?
susanrm (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Hmmm... this gives me an idea. The user-run contests with only memberships and patches to give away generate limited interest. BUT - what if we were to do some sort of swap? Such as, let's say someone doing the frugal month had their dog chew up their remote control (like just happened to me) and they can't or don't want to replace it. Someone else gives them ideas they can use, and they receive a membership, and perhaps a gift, from the receiver. Maybe something they made?

I'm not sure this would work with your TOC, or if there is some other way to make the contest more enticing. Perhaps I could donate something as a grand prize? I just don't think memberships and patches are going to excite people.

And what about my idea of contacting Shapelock for sponsoring a contest?
This person was only able to save $400 in a month?
I recommend buying a couple books on finance.
My first two years of my working life i was able to save over 23K (USD) with a monthly income of $1800. Granted the first 15 months i didnt have a car and walked everywhere. And i was single then...
susanrm (author)  thematthatter5 years ago
This person wrote a book on how she paid off $20,000 in debt in two years. So pretty close to what you did. I think the $400 was additional savings on top of that, or during a different year when her finances were already fine.
Yes, marriage does change the parameters doesn't it? :-)
Goodhart5 years ago
Hmm, with the size of my "junk box" being limited to only 2 nearly filled rooms in my house, I might have some difficulty with this one (J/K...about the difficulty not about the rooms).
Kiteman5 years ago
Interesting idea...