No Doomsday in 2012!

This is a good read.

This article argues why the world wont end in 2012, as the mayans predicted.

No Doomsday in 2012

It calmed my superstitions.

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blugyblug8 years ago
Meh, Ive given up on society these days. Sometimes I think that the world really will end up going to hell in a pooper-scooper. (Not because of a bomb or asteroid, but because alot of people cant survive without anything else to help them)
...Sometimes I no longer CARE whether the world is going to hell in a pooper-scooper.
Me and my Cynical personality =).
Anyway, the mayans "predicted" that it would end in 2012 only because their calendar ended on the 21st december 2012. How lame would it be, the moment school finishes, we are all happy, then suddenly we get obliterated?
Keith-Kid (author)  blugyblug8 years ago
Happy birthday to y-*BOOOOOM*

Well my birthday is december 22, Aw man
I don't buy the whole world is ending in 2012 theory but I did see the movie and it was pretty cool. I went to the site listed and couldn't help noticing this.
Don't belive it. I went to,scientist were saying that its not possible.The thing about the solar storm happens all the time.It's called a solar maxuim it happens every so years but they say it will be weaker this time.For people that don't know what planet x or nibriu is well its a big celestral body that is supost to be on a collison course to earth.Nasa also turned that one into crap.So I don't belive it.I will still be here with all the humankind still on earth.
Keith-Kid (author)  super moderator7 years ago
WOOOW!!! Send that to failblog! Send it to failblog!!!
Lol. They need to make up their minds.

It's not them, it's an ad that was put there on the basis of revalency.
I see, thanks.
Put it on failblog.
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