No Instutables for Curly Fries

There are zero search results for curly fries.
Surely somebody out there knows how to make curly fries.
I like Jack in the Box curly fries.
Be the first to post an Instructable on how make great tasting curly fries!
A copycat Jack in the Box curly fries recipe would be great.
Here's your chance to post the very first Instructable on how make curly fries.

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I did it! They're amazing.
KomaToast (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Fantastic job! Those look great.
Congratulations, you're the first to have a curly fry recipe on Instructables.

Thanks for all your work and determination, glad to be an inspiration.

There's only one recipe listed here for sweet potato fries and they don't look all that desirable even though they may taste great.
The problem with the sweet potato fries I've encountered is they are soft and soggy and not crisp enough to hold up to a good ketchup dipping.

You're next mission, should you choose to accept the challenge is to create the perfect sweet potato fries, crispy and tasty and appealing to the eyes.
From the results of your curly fries I hold faith in your next reprise.
Hmmm, two months from order to delivery....

Not exactly fast food, is it?

(Sorry, it had to be said - they sound delicious!)
Haha, true! It was a very long wait for some fries.

(But I figure people want contests more than curly fries. Hopefully. :D)
I just got a curly fry cutter today!! and I think Penolopy Bulnick and I will be making a pilgrimage to Arby's so that I can taste the curly fries and try to match them. Woohoo! :D
Photo on 9-26-13 at 11.44 AM #2.jpg
The Machine your looking for is the "TATER TWISTER"
While there are those that dip & dredge for the deep fryer,I think they taste best bedded about a roast ^_^ with a dusting of cayenne.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Curly fries are cut with a spiral cutter like the kind to automatically peel and core apples or some other As Seen on TV device. You can look up any seasoned or batter dipped french fry recipe for the rest. No Jack in the Box on the East Coast but commercial fries may have an extra starch coating to help it crisp up and may be partially parboiled or parfried before the final cooking.
KomaToast (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
I have the Presto curly fries cutter and attempted to make them ounce but I didn't like the results.
I can cut the curly fries but lack a recipe and method to attain the desired results.
You really need a giant cauldron of hot oil to deep fry them. They take up so much more room than stick fries and probably need to be agitated more often so all the surfaces get cooked and crispy. I don't think oven fry-baking it will work. It takes a long time to fry using fresh potatoes and then it depends on what kind too. It's a lot of work for the whole process to do from scratch.
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