No More Electricity!

This is more of a discussion then a question. Lately I have been wondering about the small amount of space that we have on Earth. In those thoughts, I began pondering about Thermodynamics (particularly, of course, the first law). Since energy can't be created nor destroyed - it only changes form - that most certainly means there is a limited amount. There's a capacity. Much like a battery, it can only hold so much energy. The Earth is essentially, then, one huge battery holding millions upon billions upon trillions upon trillions of energy units (it cannot be specified to electricity since it can change form).

If that is correct, then my theory makes sense. If there is only so much energy, and electricity is energy, then one day we will reach that capacity, right? Let's create a hypothetical situation - we massively overbuild the world with the biggest skyscrapers that, with the newest technology, go thousands of feet in the air. Standard homes no longer exist, and the smallest of homes are at least four stories. These conditions cover every corner of the world. Power-plants are at a massive draw.

Now everybody knows that you can't really "use" electricity for good, for it always returns to another form of energy - it can't be destroyed. So what if, with this extremely advanced society, electricity was used quicker then it was replaced? And this massive usage was continued until all of the energy that is "stored" in planet Earth is being used at one time.

That brings me to the real question of debate - doesn't that therefore mean that all power-plants will one day, when this "Complete use of energy" comes, will no longer generate electricity? Is it impossible to believe that they will have no energy left to "grab" (electrical power plants don't create electricity, just generate and convert it"?

Now, I may be entirely wrong. This theory could be 153(nice even number) percent wrong, but it's what I brainstormed. Any feedback or debate is appreciated ;)

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Energy can be created! But not destroyed!
freethetech (author)  Iwantbigboom5 years ago
Not according to the Law of Conservation of Energy - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy
i mean electrical energy!!!
well i also forgot to say that some energy cant be created but most types of energy can be created
freethetech (author)  Iwantbigboom5 years ago
Energy is energy. It cannot be created. Ever. We can only convert it into other forms, as Kelseymh pointed out.
No form of energy can be created. Energy can be converted from one form to another. Some forms of energy are more useful than others.
and hydoelectric power plants will always create power.
Create energy?

How does that work, then?
and also water runs into hydoelectric power plants creating electricity and did you think of nuclear power plants?
Hydroelectricity plants divert energy from the water cycle, which is powered by the Sun. No energy is created.

Nuclear power plants convert energy stored as mass.

Basic middle-school science.

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