No More Ratings

Thanks to some guy who unpublished my latest rating because it was posted an instructable can be blamed for me stopping my rating system. Sorry DjRadio because I can't post them as forum topics and I'm not going to waste my time transferring them. As for Dj, the Ar-3 was great and shot 70 feet. Best true bolt action ever. Sorry about this but I'm going back to making new things.

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Although I have very little interest in the topic, a remarkably simple solution springs immediately to mind.
Well go on then? (I thought KNEX was all powered by rubber not springs...) L
Ooo, am I rubbing off on people ? LOL
Of course, springing to mind to mean other things, no wonder some think they are all wet LOL
What, do their thinking for them? Okay, he should continue doing his review in instructable format, but not publish them and simply link to them through a forum topic.
Electroinnovation (author) 8 years ago
Ok Ok look. I'll do ONE more as a forum topic but there is no way I'm redoing the others. If they keep unpublishing them there is no way I'll do more. I've learned my lesson so just leave it be!
post all your future reviews as forums, keep the ones you already did as ibles.
DJ Radio8 years ago
You can just post the next few ratings as a forum, and keep the other ones as ibles.
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