No more Oodammo's

No offence or anything but I'm starting to get sick of oodammo pistols. I agree they're good but they all look the same. I would like people to make oodammo guns but no more pistols please.

Thanks for your attention,

Mr. Muggle

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Can I build just one more? I'll try to make mine unique. I'm hoping to make it as good as possible so that we won't have any more competition. However, there will always still be those people who want one just for the sake of belonging. It was the same thing with snipers and handle fed side arms.
Ya, first it was snipers, then side arms, now oodammo pistols. Though they arn't that bad, it gets repetive.

I don't mind if you make them unique like you said, I just get annoyed when 5 get posted in one day, with almost exactly the same body, trigger, ect.
No props for me or zak for trying to make mine different from the rest?  =P
Zak and Mepain yes. Your design isn't too much more different than the other block ones. Your removable magazines weren't even made by you first lol. Not saying yours isn't good but it isn't completely new.
I can't help it that someone beat me to it.  The important thing to me is that I thought of the mag by myself, WITHOUT help.  I made a new and sturdy trigger design though.  I guess the trigger would be better off in a bolt action gun, but whatever.
Lol poor DJ. I thought that trigger up before you. It was in my first suckish bolt action. Here's the picture again to prove it. And it doesn't really matter if you thought up the design if someone else already made it because it's not new. I've had it happen to me plenty of times before where people beat me to making something. The whole bolt action concept was really something I wanted to introduce myself but Zak took it and made one first.
The trigger looks not like mine.  Either way, don't care.  This is where I say ignorance rules.  So whatever.
Lol you kidding? It's near exactly the same. Look closely. I'm getting tired of your whole "I don't care...whatever" crap. You use it when you don't have anything better to say. You make it sound like you're trying to act cool or something when really you're acting like that kid that fails at everything so he makes it look like it doesn't matter. Everything matters. You get so defensive about your guns but are so willing to judge others. You mention your guns left and right all the time to get attention to them for doing something yet when anyone else does it to you you don't care. I'm sick of it. Stop making it look like (look closely I'm not saying you are I'm saying it looks like you are) you're really egotistic.
That needed saying a LONG time ago. And I thought you did a very good job at saying it! 
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