No more pro memberships?

Hi, I am wondering if you have stopped giving featured instructables pro memberships?
My latest instructable was feature an popular but I didn't get a 3 month membership like I did when my last two were featured.
I am also having trouble on the contest pages, when I view them I try to vote and it says I am not logged in.

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I just won a runner up prize for the Tech It contest.

Unlike the previous times that I have won a contest, this time I have not received an Achievement Patch and a Pro membership Link. The pro membership hasn't been even automatically been added to my list of Pro memberships.

Can You please help me as to what should I do now.

me too,

email and they should be able to help!

Thanks, Ms sweet said there is a bug with patches and pro membership, and they are aware of the problem. I got a pro code and a patch today, but the patch is just a square with nothing on it, so somethings not working right.

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JM1999 (author)  liquidhandwash3 years ago

You need to contact Jessyratfink or MsSweetSatisfaction about it.

As much as I would like to do it for you, I can't.

Hope this helps, JM1999.

email, Jessyratfink and MsSweetSatisfaction are not in charge of contests and won't be able to help as much as emailing service.

But Jessyratfink and MsSweetSatisfaction can't actually help with this particular issue.

Right, I will nominate service at instructables from now on, thanks for the heads up :)

email and they should be able to help!

wilgubeast3 years ago

Anybody get featured since Sunday who did not get a free pro membership?

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