No n64 hacks!

Nobody has made anything about n64 hacks!

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ugh finally i can post now..safart wont work anymore

and i never said the n64 sucks, im just saying there is better things out there
and goldeneye is the best game. that and starfox.
no sm64 is the best
Bartboy (author)  ich bin ein pyro9 years ago
agreed! thank you, sorry, me
weirdo627 years ago
Rover378 years ago
Does anyone know how many games were actually made for N64
Bartboy (author)  Rover378 years ago
A lot.....
Goodhart9 years ago
THAT wasn't very nice :-(
Bartboy (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
no, but he insulted my friend >:-(
I must be missing something somewhere....still, unless you are tied to him by martinet strings, you can not blame your actions on him. That is known as ownership. You take the credit when you do good, you take the blame for what you do wrong, ok? :-)
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