No one will comment on my instructables

No one will comment on my instructables i have one of them up on the duck tape group but they still won't comment on it. Will some one please comment!!!

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A link to the instructable would be nice :D!
Firebert0109 years ago
(can't resist not saying...)

lemonie7 years ago
duck tape dude has not posted any instructables yet...

Point us to one of them?

LoneWolf7 years ago
Don't worry about it, I have instructables 2 years old that only have 13 comments on them and less than 300 views. Half of the comments being mine.
dogianto4448 years ago
ok i commented lol :D
westfw10 years ago
This is *interesting*. I normally read instructables by explore->recent, so in theory I'll see everything. But NONE of your instructables show up when the list is sorted by date; I scanned all the way back to mar-26... It's probably cause you have spaces in your username. You should submit a bug "my instructables don't show up in 'explore by date' listings"...
Either that or it got lost in filters and noone saw it, happens rarely, when the staff were very busy a few of my 'ibles got stuck in there, if that's the problem randy is your man, if it's a glitch with usernames then hit the bug support... There was one person that forgot to add the title in the title bar and that 'ible had an old style url instead but it was useless...
ummm...... you don't have any instructables
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