No working pro account

Hi, I have paid a 3 month pro membership but if i logged in, I am not a pro member. I tried this in two different browsers on my macbook and PC. I have cleared the browser cache - without success. What is going on? Can someone help me? The Instructabes-Team gives no answer on my e-mails.

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mikeasaurus3 years ago

email with your username.

zozowine3 years ago

Hello, I just signed up for a pro account but when I try to "log in" to print a pdf of the collapsible work bench, it just flips back to the screen with the project and I am not logged in...

mikeasaurus zozowine3 years ago

email with your username.

Kebooz3 years ago


Same problem for me... Just bought pro version. 10 mn ago my account was ok but now it seems I'm back to a free membership account. Got my paypal transaction ID, is there some kind of delay before I can use as a pro member ?


Looks like this was taken care of, so you should be all set :)

Yep, got my pro account now ! Thx a lot !
bf. castillo3 years ago

same thing to me, no answer, and i still without my pro account, they all ready quest for my user name an ID# transaction and Nothing!! do they already help u or answer to you?

You should have gotten a response through service a couple days ago :)

Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago


The only pro I see on your account expired in February. Who did you try emailing? The best way to get this sorted out is to email with your username and the paypal Unique Transaction ID # so we can look up the purchase and get everything sorted.

Community Support Manager