Have any of you watched Noggin? It's the channel with all the little kid shows. My favorites are: -Oobi -Wonder Pets -Oswald -Maggie and the Ferocious Beast -Franklin -Little Bear Thats "about it" I really like moose e moose and zee too.

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CLASSIFIEDINFORMATION (author) 9 years ago
You guys are cool. oh and yo gabba gabba is cool too. Don't worry, I'm over thirteen.
seriously?the green dude freaks me out!!!! his arms disturb me
yo gabba gabba needs headcrabs.....!
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
I've never watched Noggin, but I have watched all of those shows on Nick Jr. a really long time ago...
caitlinsdad8 years ago
This gets bumped every so often so I might as well put in my official endorsement for Noggin and for our Canadian friends - Treehouse channel, Wumpa's world... Ni Hao Kai Lan is fairly new but it is trying to do for Mandarin what Dora the Explorer or Handy Manny does for Spanish. How many of you really know that there are so many different dialects of Chinese, it may be difficult to communicate between each other. Mainland China is trying to standardize on Mandarin but Cantonese is the next most spoken dialect. I have heard people also the same is true for Spanish. People from Puerto Rico may not understand Spanish from a South American Latin country. Who cannot sit still when that Lazytown song is going. It makes you want to jump up, turn around and get out of your chair. We have the Wonder Pets CD in the car. Gotta go save the puppy because it has to go pee-pee, tinkle.... Basic repertoire for a parent is to do hand puppets like Oobi. Learn from the masters. Got to throw in your mixed bag of funny voices. Talk like the Ferocious Beast. Actually Ord from Dragontales is my favorite. or like Elmo. Urban tales and lessons to be learned are more fun to watch than in the real world. Franklin, Little Bear, Arthur, Backyardigans... I don't remember which channels these were on but my favs, PBJ & Otter, Bear in the big blue house, Stanley and the big big book of everything and everything inside, wait, that's on the Disney CD we have in the car. You see, Virginia, there is a kid that lives in all of us. It does not matter how we all become couch potatoes at an early age. As long as you had fun doing it. Watch shows like Spongebob or the Simpsons which parodies life when you get older and then see what innocent fun you might have missed out on.
The ferocious beast! Ah!!! I loved that show!!! *sings* Maggie.....duh....and the freocious beast.....dah nah.....
PBJ & Otter.....I have watched, but I generally hated them. WHen I was littler, I hated Franklin and Little BEar, and now, I just get a warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside whenever its on....I think I might actually be agin backwards...Im Benjamin Button!
OOOdelay! It's time to do the noodle dance. I like the duck that cursed "Qwackers" all the time.
I remember that stinking dance! It never helped me in math class....All it got me was detention.....Im starting to think it didnt really work....
The Kid, The Kid is in detention...There's a 'zilla in trouble somewhere. This is sewious! We gotta save him.
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