Nominating Instructables to be "Featured"

I just joined the instructables community a couple days ago. I'm not exactly new and knows how the featuring process workds. I've been poking around the site and there are some unfeatured instructables that I feel like were missed. I decided unfeatured instructables should have a chance to get recognition too! I created this forum topic for people to nominate instructables that they feel like should be featured. Anyone can suggest something. I might even create a group to "feature" some of these nominated ones. Suggest away!

Update: Click here to join the group and support your favorite instructables.

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Kiteman7 years ago
There are several groups of people you can approach:

Any of them can help with requests like this.

jen7714 Kiteman7 years ago
I have never even heard of the volunteers group since I've joined. I will definitely have to check that out.
MegaMetal87 years ago
I nominate "Turret Rifle" By megametal8
SkysTheLimit (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Thanks for showing interest in this group. To nominate instructables, you will first need to join the group. Then you can PM me with your nomination. Also you can not nominate your own instructable in order to make the process a bit more fair. I hope you join!
i would like to do that (feature) my triple threat thunder. nominee right there

Silly me, sorry ;-)
See my post of Sep 22 above, and remember to include a link, plus a few reasons why it should be featured.

lemonie7 years ago
Featured is "what we really like, when we see it (to feature it)"
You'll be right, but this aspiration probably won't materialse because the admin' cost can't be justified.


Actually, Lemonie, some of the FT members do go out of their way to Feature old, overlooked I'bles. I think the idea of (within reason!) letting FT members know that you've seen something that is Feature-worthy is great. The Team doesn't have to accept those suggestions, but it can help to get them.
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