Non Polyester Clear Casting Resin

Hi I am interested in using silicon molds for jewelry and other "craft" projects. From reading your site, I learned that this could be done w/o worrying about the resin sticking to the mold if you use a non polyester clear casting resin. Since I am new to this whole arena, I wanted to know where I could purchase such a product. Thank you. MGW

Honus9 years ago
I've personally never had a problem with polyester resin sticking to a silicone mold. About the only thing that sticks to silicone is silicone.
Honus9 years ago
You can get clear urethane casting resin from Smooth-On

They have just about everything you could ever want in molding rubber and casting resin.
SFHandyman9 years ago
Try Douglas and Sturgess
Try a craft store.