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I love Instructables, but I have been running into more and more posts which are simply video or still pictures of projects which give no instructions or few useful instructions. I understand that people like to publish their finished projects, and many like to see them, but are they really appropriate as Instructables when there are no instructions?

Perhaps it would be good to make an area for people who just want to show off their good work, but aren't prepared to do the step by step explanations to help others duplicate their efforts. I do like to see the different things people make and think they should be included, but I admit a bit offrustration when an interesting project turns out not to have any instructions. Since I am seeing quite a few of these, I suggest the possibility of a display area for any submission without the tool list, bill of materials, and step by step instruction available on screen or as a PDF.

Thanks to all!

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Kiteman6 years ago
Instructables used to carry the tag-line "The World's Biggest Show and Tell".

As long as a photo or video Instructable shows something that the author has made or done, then it is fine.

Having said that, I have a default opinion that a "proper" instructable is the kind now known as "step by step".

The key there being "tell" - the picture only ones don't tell me enough.
Which is why they get fewer views and are less likely to be featured.

Personally, their main use shuold be for projects completed before joining the site.

yep, I have lots of in-process photos of projects completed before discovering instructables. But not complete step-by-step images. Photo instructables are good for those old projects.
the ones that get me are the ones that are made as an instructable, but should be a slideshow or a forum post.

IMO a 7 step ible without any actual instructions is 300 times more annoying than a slide show
They may be a candidate for flagging as "incomplete".
Absolutely agree - or an invitation to "watch this space" , for a forthcoming real Instructable.

I wonder if contests specifically for Photo Instructables add to the large number of photo-only projects. I find the idea a little confusing...why couldn't a step-by- step also be judged in a photo contest?

I've had short projects that I have put in photo form in order to enter some of those contests and I have seen other members make two separate Instructables for the same project - one photo and one step-by-step - in order to meet the requirement.

Just been curious about this and it perhaps is related...
Photo contests definitely add to the total, even when they're not running.

I guess they're easier for people to enter if they aren't confident with their writing skills, or if their English is poor?

Have there been Step-by-Step only and/or video only contests? Maybe that would help cut down on the photo-only entries of very complex projects and also give people incentive to work in a different style.
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