Non lethal poison blow darts???

Non lethal poison blow darts.? I was thinking about making blow darts then the topic struck me, could common natural non lethal poisons or toxins be used in blow darts. This sounds a bit vague, so heres and example: you take poison ivy leaves and either wipe the darts on the leaves or grind up the leaves then rub darts in the mix. Would this work, how effective would this be?. I am not planning on even attempting to try this, this is for informational purposes

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witherman1 year ago

I need some for self defense

I don't care. I need it to act fast.

Learn a martial art.

too much work. It takes a few seconds to make make a dart. A few minutes to make twenty.

It's your choice - defend yourself safely and legally, or risk killing your target and spending the rest of your life behind bars.

non lethal darts. I need to K.O. them quickly and do it legally.

> There's no such thing as a non-lethal knock-out dart. If you do not know the precise activity of the drug, and the exact weight of your target, you run a massive risk of over-dosing your target and stopping their heart or lungs.

> You do not know if your target is allergic to the drug you are dosing them with, so you are risking them having an anaphylactic episode and dying.

> However safe the drug, if you do not have a license to use the drug in a projectile weapon, then you are breaking the law by shooting them with it. You clearly do not have a licence to shoot people with home-made drugs, or you would not be asking these questions.

> If you are carrying a projectile weapon that you know could injure or incapacitate another person, and you do not have the relevant licences, then you are breaking the law.

> If you are carrying a weapon, and knowingly heading into a situation where you might feel required to use that weapon, then it is not self-defence, there is "malice aforethought", and that changes "self-defense" into offence, which could be taken as anything from assault with a deadly weapon to attempted murder.

There is only one legal way to render another individual unconscious - that is to do it manually (hit them), in self-defence, in a situation where you can show that you had no alternative but to render them unconscious (ie you must be able to demonstrate that your intended victim was intending to render you unconscious or worse). If you carry a weapon, even a stick, with the intent of harming another person, you are breaking the law. If you are carrying an unlicensed projectile weapon for self-defence, you are breaking the law.

I cannot stress this enough - if you follow through with your plan to carry a drugged blow-dart gun, even in "self-defence", at the very least you are breaking the law with enough force to end up behind bars, and at the extreme you could be looking at a murder charge. I don't know your age or location, but that could end up with you facing the death penalty.

If you foresee a situation in which you are at risk of an attack, you must either avoid that situation, or alert law enforcement authorities of your fears and let them deal with the situation.

yeah, in that case I'll just whack them in the head hard enough to make them unable to chase without knocking them out or killing them and run.

and call the police

matsojr228 years ago
Tranquilizer darts are the most safe method of non-lethal darting something that exists today! Still wildly dangerous... Don't shoot people with darts... IF you are trying to stun someone, use some other form of non lethal weapon. Stun guns, beanbags, rubber bullets, pepper spray, fire hose, billy club... watch the cops, they've been experimenting for centuries...

I need self defense non lethal blowgun.

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