Non-questions with question marks

Is anyone else annoyed by the prevalence of non-questions with question marks after them in the Answers section? Is this a manifestation of the proliferation of "upspeak"? Perhaps a new rule should be instituted requiring all questions TO BE IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION, not a statement with a question mark after it. Here are some aggravating examples:

"My LED matrix isn't working?"
"I though I saw a instructable on making a silverware divider out of plastic?"
"DIY step up switching regulator?"
"Reflective Silk Screening?"
"Atx Power Supply?"

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Bugs me too. I have a new member of staff that does it all the time, and its driving me up the wall.
aeray (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
When I was in Australia I tried (typically while drinking) to "upspeak" back to particularly obnoxious offenders. It usually took them quite a while to catch on, but when they did, they became quite upset. Sometimes to the brink of tears or violence. I often hung out with a Swede, a German, and a Pole (sounds like a joke, I know) and they thought it was hilarious. Perhaps you should try it.
Usually I ask them what the question is that they think they're asking. That baffles them. I thought Kiwis were worse than Aussies for this uptalk thing, but it seems to have crept into common speech in the UK too.
aeray (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
When I was in Oz, in 2000, the under-25 segment were the worst offenders. It was also, it seemed, more prevalent in folks from the east and west coasts.
One of my sons does it too. That and talking to me like I'm an idiot, but that's just father/son thing.
he does? :-)
PKM aeray7 years ago
.. so you and the German climbed the pole and ate the swede?
caitlinsdad7 years ago
aeray (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Not the rules, but the format would be great. Actually, it's not even the format (answers must be in the form of a question) I just want the questions to be in the form of questions not some semi-decipherable statement with a question mark after it.
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