Noob Help

If your a noob, and/or need help with the game this is the place

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c4l3b10 years ago
I love unreal (pc) and hl2. I've been playing some command and conquer lately.

If you're into gaming, you might enjoy joining the forums at my computer arcade. I hope you don't consider this as total spam.
c4l3b10 years ago
I own a game center: I play a lot of cs:s and hl2. Been playing some rts lately even though I couldn't stand them for years.
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  c4l3b10 years ago
omg, you OWN that place? nice. -spikes
yup. People often think that I must be awesome at the games because I own the place. I'm ok.
Black Jelly10 years ago
are you just trying to make some freinds or are you just starting a randome forum like way awayz from a gaming websight
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  Black Jelly10 years ago
Both really. do you play?
yea i play Css and dod and hl2 (big steam fan) what you play
GiveMeMyCawwot (author)  Black Jelly10 years ago
mostly Dofus, a bit of halo, unreal, etc. sometimes...