Not Hired

Check out Not Hired, a new site put up by a friend of mine.

We are a group of HR monkeys and hiring managers who have worked with some of the largest search engines, vertical portals, and social-networking sites on the Internet, as well as for hardware and software manufacturers, universities, federal agencies, and accounting and consulting firms. In our jobs, we see thousands of cover letters and resumes every month. Some of them desperately need to be shared ;-)

My favorite so far:
"I don't know Craig personally but my friend told me about his list and I saw your job there."

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Goodhart9 years ago
Those are.....interesting.....I have to wonder how the world goes on sometimes.....
randofo9 years ago
I could easily make a site from the opposite perspective, that of the interviewee. I've never met so many terrible people as, a few years back, when I first moved to the bay area and was actively interviewing for jobs via Craigslist ads.
Hey, this is Hiring Manager D. from Not Hired. We love ridiculous job postings from Craigslist and have a "Job Postings" category, so if the mood hits, please feel free to forward anything that hits your fancy and let me know how you want to be credited: contribute [at] nothired dot com.
I wish I had saved some.
Oh, that's nice. They need to cut some of the fat off that header, though. It's so tall!
Bran9 years ago
Nice! Some of those are ridiculous!