Not a bug -- Direct copy of my website page on Instructable

I just found this page on Instructables whose text is a direct copy from my website.

The Instructable page is

My page is

The user who "contributed" it is no longer an active member, apparently. Her pictures were decent, but I would like attribution for my work if possible.

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How do I remove all the rude comments I have posted on my instructable? I put a lot of work into this and I did credit her with a link for the original idea! I did take my own pictures and just used her instructions as a guide as I actually found her original instrucions to be a bit confusing. After I figured out an easy and efficient way to do this, I then made my instructable. I do not think it is right that she is allowed to post Nasty comments on my instructable and I would like to remove them.
You can flag them (there is a little [flag] link under the REPLY) as "Not Nice." That will notify Staff to look at them, and possibly remove them. If there are a lot, or a pattern to them, you can also send a PM to Randy Sarafan on Staff, and he can follow up with the user directly.

As you can see, this is an unmoderated, publicly accessible Web site. Anyone can post anything they want (fortunately or unfortunately).
JanAndrea (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I apologize if you felt that my clarifications were rude. That was not my intention. I'm not seeing anything "nasty", though. I clarified that the words were mine; I clarified a fabric choice in a later question. If that's "nasty", then I'm not sure what I could have done to be "nice".
I was giving the original author information she had asked for. In fact, I didn't find any "nasty" comments from you on the I'ble.
JanAndrea (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Sorry -- I think I hit reply in the wrong place :D I was attempting to respond to P&BD :)
I do not think you are nasty to point out that someone has literally copied and pasted your work. At all.
Why is it nasty to point out that you had broken copyright law?

As for "just used her instructions as a guide", you still have huge chunks of text that has been copied and pasted directly from JanAndrea's site.

lemonie8 years ago
It's not a direct copy, the person used your pattern and credited it to you (with thanks) in the first paragraph.*
Had they reproduced the pattern they may have breached your intellectual property rights, but you do say "I've got no problem with people using these directions to make and sell pouches". The only problem I see with this is that they omitted the link back to your page?

I hope you see the value in publishing on this site, photographic makes of your stuff would be welcome. You can edit anything you publish (easily), but you might put a date-stamp "details correct at time of publication " "details updated (date)" if these things change?


*(It hasn't been edited since you posted this has it?)
I do agree with you! If she had just asked me first I would have been more than happy to make the necessary changes. I found this post months later while searching.

All photos were of my own and I designed my IInstructable to follow me while making an actual sling.

I will be making a new IInstructable for a baby sling soon. This one will be from scratch without a look at anyone's instructions. As I have found new tips and tricks to make them easier and better.

I do invite you to create your own instructable. But please refrain from commenting on my new instructable unless you contact me first.

God Bless
Candice V.
This one will be from scratch without a look at anyone's instructions. As I have found new tips and tricks to make them easier and better.

Er... if you haven't looked at anybody else's instructions, how did you find the "new" hints and tips?

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