Not a rectangle review+mods

This is a review of oodalumps's "not a rectangle" with bakenbitz's stock.  One hasn't been done yet so I will do one now.

Stock: 9/10 Bakenbitz's stock is strong, but the individual walls are still somewhat flimsy.  Nothing blue rods can't remedy though.
Handle: 8/10 Comfortable and sturdy but the trigger guard kinda takes away from it in my opinion.
Barrel: 8/10 Innovative and sturdy, but extremely hard to build.  My hands didn't hurt too bad though.
looks: 8/10. Looks simple, but still looks great IMO

Range: 10/10 160 feet flat with 6 #64's.
Power: 10/10 There's a few boxes that no knex gun has shot through before, this gun shot all the way through.  There was even a box with another box behind it, it shot all the way through BOTH of them, fins and everything
Accuracy: 10/10 I made a custom ironsight for it (very accurate) and my friend shot clean through the center of a cheez-it from 20 feet.  I'm serious, straight through the tiny black hole in the middle.
ROF: 5/10.  It's a single-shot, so you have to manually reload it.  Also the fact that you have to pull back a bunch of bands at once for the best reload times slows you down somewhat.
Innovation: 9/10 The concept of a balljoint at the front taking the impact of the pin instead of the back of the gun is a great concept, but I hate that that's all there is to it.

Final word: I was very impressed with the performance of the gun.  It's the most powerful gun I have ever built.  I recommend it to anyone looking for a single shot.

Final score: 9/10

Custom ironsight (mine)
Trigger guard mod

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amtdude7 years ago
hey just an idea that i did. i always had a problem with my ball socket breaking and crap like that. maybe i just built it wrong or sometin but wat ev. so what i did was i took a flat 2x1 lego and a flat 2x1 smooth top lego and stuck em together and put that in place of the ball socket. it rattles around a bit more but works just as good as the ball socket and now i dont have to wory about the ball socket breaking.
rofl4957 years ago
do you know why my balljoint in the front of the gun keeps shattering?cuz its already broken 2 and it only has 4 #64s
DJ Radio (author)  rofl4957 years ago
Actually mine's sort of broken too.  It's still usable and I can even snap rods on it, and thats with 6 #64's. 
182515 DJ Radio7 years ago
The only thing that broke on mine was the actual clip the rest is fine.
But mine shattered into 3 or 4 pieces.
DJ Radio (author)  rofl4957 years ago
Weird, mine only chipped.
is it just supposed to be laying flat or are you supposed to put it at an angle.
DJ Radio (author)  rofl4957 years ago
Its supposed to be flat.
oh thats the way i have it
DJ Radio (author)  rofl4957 years ago
Holy crap mine finally shattered.  The round didn't even fire too.
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