Not crazy about the new picture layout.

It's been a few days now & I've viewed quite a few things in that time both on my laptop & mobile and having given it some thought and a few days to get used to it I have to say that the new picture layout really does not tick the boxes for me.
I can understand the desire to improve the layout where possible & I can understand wanting to show off the pictures at their best but it has been done at the cost of ease of use of the site.
it works fine on 'ibles with only two or three pictures to a step but what seems to have been forgotten is that many 'ibles have a large number of pictures to each step meaning that the viewer has to scroll through all the pictures before getting to any text then scroll all the way back up again to refer to any pictures being described, on some 'ibles this may not be a problem but on many others I predict it will.
The reason for the change has been given that "We wanted something that emphasizes your images in a format that is a bit more contemporary." which is all very well but I feel that the end result may well be that many images get overlooked altogether in an effort to get to the actual text of the 'ible & some 'ibles may simply get clicked away from because viewer's get tired of scrolling through image upon image to find out just what the 'ible is really about, I know I have already been guilty of this on at least one occasion in the last few days.
I guess if the layout remains members will have to bear this in mind & decide on that basis how many images they will use but I can see 'ibles that have large numbers of images particularly in the introduction getting fewer repeat visits than when we could simply click & choose the images we wanted to view in greater detail.
If I were able to choose between the old layout & the new one both to view & create 'ibles  I'm afraid I have to say that based on what I have seen over the last few days I would choose the old layout.
i appreciate that HQ is constantly looking for ways to improve the site & a lot of hard work & thought is put into these things but on this occasion for me at least it has had a negative impact.

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wilgubeast5 years ago
New release went out today to address one of the primary concerns raised in this thread. There should now be a "show more pictures" button that limits the number of photos shown when viewing all steps. As always, if you find a bug, please send it over to the bugs forum for fun and profit.
The 21/8/12 mod is a definite improvement, after breaking the old functionality. I'm not sure if it goes far enough yet, but the next few days should tell us.
I think the cropping rules still need work...
Jayefuu makendo5 years ago
I pointed this out at the time. I was told it would rarely be an issue. It's really, really annoying.
Attmos5 years ago
I had never thought about it that way but what you're saying does make some sense. I love having all the big pictures to look at, but when really trying to use an 'Ible with a lot of pictures it's difficult scrolling back and forth to read and reference pictures. Maybe a happy medium of ,say 5 best pictures displayed outright per step. Then all pictures after five be displayed in the old style.
crapsoup5 years ago
i like the new style.
I like it too.
"About:I am an Intern here at Instructables and I have a lot of fun! "

I was under the impression this forum topic was created so people could post their opinions about the new layout I don't see why my working for Instructables has anything to do with it. I didn't say "I work for Instructables and I think their new layout is perfect." I simply said that I like it too and I do. I think it is a nice way to see Photo Instructables.
Staff feedback !== user feedback.
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