Not looking for a freebie but I need some direction

I am 16 and have been really feeling the calling to start a church, right now I am looking for a place to hold it whether or not I have to pay rent, though a free place would be nice if we were only meeting once a week. So what I am looking for is any creative ideas on a place to hold a worship/study service for little or no cost. I've already been suggested the carnegie center down the road. Thank you for any help

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gloflyer9 years ago
Most local units of government (think city hall, parks, libraries etc.) make rooms available for free as long as the public is invited.
Der Bradly9 years ago
When/if you start be sure to take donations, give half to charity and half for your church. and as for a good place, You could use a garage, kind of like what bill gates did.
reedz (author)  Der Bradly9 years ago
I was actually just thinking about tithes, to begin with I don't believe we will be able to donate half to charity for a while, but that is a good goal.
If there are no other churches in your area then your 'small' group church will soon grow bigger, which means more donations, But it would probally be a good idea to spend all your donations on making your church bigger.
reedz (author)  Der Bradly9 years ago
There are quite a few area churches, so we are going to have to grow by word of mouth and eventually advertising. I don't want to steal members but I want to provide a more friendly environment for those who do not like their own church.
A good motivation is coffee, you should give it out
reedz (author)  Der Bradly9 years ago
mmmm coffee
A warning with you grow and collect/spend money, you may have to register as a non-profit.
reedz (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
thank you for the advice, I will have to look a lot into that
skunkbait reedz9 years ago
I'd put the most money possible towards "charity". Certainly every church has bills to pay, but in the New Testament, it seems that most any "tithes" (although that's more of an OT concept), and "freewill offerings" went to help the needy. It's sad when I think of how many churches I've seen, that lose their spiritual focus, when they start spending money on "themselves". I highly recommend the movie "Simon Birch". It gives an "outsiders" look at the difference between "institutionalized" religion vs. a life of faith.
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