Not right GIF

You have probably all seen this before but, that's just not right... I can't stop looking at it. Not a bad loop sequence. Certainly confuses the brain.

Picture of Not right GIF
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anres3217 years ago
Wow this is crazy !! it is almots hypnotising
n8man9 years ago
Can't stop looking at it. I am typing while I look at it. *drools*
Great thing bout Firefox, escape key kills animated gifs.
Whoa...didn't know that. Is there a way to restart them other than refreshing the page?
don't know, I hate them.
so does IE, firefox can't connect to the internet
I love it.
Lftndbt (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
Escape= spew key.
zachninme9 years ago
Its a fractal GIF... yay?
Keith-Kid9 years ago
I'm almost there!!!!!
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