Not to seem impatient...

Does anyone know when they announce the winners? The earth justice judging ended before ours, but hasn't been announced yet. Does anyone know what the typical waiting time is?

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The winners for the Mother's Day Contest will be announced by tomorrow.
Well it's tomorrow and still no answer, can you let us in on what he hold up is please?
I know! Tomorrow is almost over!
QueenElizabeth (author)  fungus amungus8 years ago
Awesome, thanks so much! You know how hard it is to wait for these things! I'm glad I have an idea so I won't be freaking out with anticipation.
LOL you aren't the only one Elizabeth, I right there freaking our with you.
Aly8 years ago
Did the contest originally say that the judging ended May 26th or am I seeing things?
QueenElizabeth (author)  Aly8 years ago
Yes it did, that's why I was confused they hadn't announced yet. But now it is changed to the 28th. I guess they needed more time.