Notes in pictures...

I am about to submit an instructable and would like to add notes to my pictures but it never saves the note.

Everything seems to work fine (I can draw the box and add the note) until I hit save.  When I hit save the dial indicator just spins and nothing happens.  I can walk away from my computer for 20 minues and when I get back it will still be spinning trying to save the note.

I thought it might be my connection from home, but I have since tried it on my computer at work with the same result.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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ilpug6 years ago
A random tidbit of information that might be realvent. i am having the same error everyone else is, but when i try to make notes on Internet Explorer, the little spinner spins for a second only and then stops. also, has anyone tried to save notes on the Camino browser, or in a cached version of the page?
jeff-o6 years ago
So far, it seems to be related to "illegal" characters in the note text. For now, avoid using commas ( , ) slashes ( / ) and colons ( : ). Periods still work, as for symbols like the exclamation point and ampersand.
use mozilla firefox it works fine for me so im gonna use that for publishing instructibles
hydronics6 years ago
yep.... can't add notes... really sucks.
susanrm6 years ago
I am also having this problem, even after removing colons.
The notes function is still not working properly.
kelseymh6 years ago
This is apparently a known, and hard to fix, bug. If you search for "image notes bug" you'll find several reports. The latest information from Staff is that it could require a "rewrite of the autosave Java code" to eliminate it.

If you could edit your original text above to include browser and OS information, that'll help Staff in documenting where they need to test.
As far as I have noticed, the bug is activated when a colon is in the text.
I just posted this:
and I had errors many, many times when making image notes - and I tested in three different browsers. But only in texts that included a colon. Each time I removed colon from text: no error.

But the images are displayed twice in the page - An error I couldn't correct - Can anyone help?
Could you put that up as a separate bug report? That kind of detail could be very useful to the Staff in tracking down the specific problem!
Also, his name isn't being displayed properly...
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