Nothing is working

I have a pro membership however, I can not switch pages without having to log in, can not down load PDF files without being told to get a pro membership. I can not post. Have been trying many hours to post this problem, but have "lost: every post.
I paid the money; now give me the features that a pro membership has. I am very frustrated. If I cannot get what you claim are pro membership privleges, I will have no other recousre, but to drop my membership, and report you to authorities , such as the better Business Bureau.

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Olvervo, are you still having troubles staying logged in, getting pdfs and posting?

pm me, make a new forum topic, reply to this, or email the info account, if the site is still having problems.

I want to make sure you stuff is working!

If you still are having problems, let me know what web browser you're using, what version of that web browser, and what operating system.

One more thing that just happen. In IE8 i cannot it does not upload pictures in a reply, with the FF it keeps gives me an error teling me that I am not loged in when i am.
Come on you guys do something.
I had a similar issue the other day with IE8 on an XP os, I did not let me write a comment or a reply, I could do that though if I used the link from the robots email. I have tryed everything with the help of someone in the bugs/help and then I installed FF that was even worse FF kick me out of login with every click it was impossible to do anything, sudently just after intalling the FF the IE8 got fixed it worked. FF still runs with problems but not always, so I keep my IE8 as the default browser.

Now I discover today that in IE8 it does not allow me to ghange the page to view older comments... click but nothing is happening, in FF this works.

So there are lots of issues here.
My sudgestion to istructables people is: You know there is a problem from your end, don't wait for people to report to you what's going on, put your people down to do a workability check of the site with ALL major browsers and you will find all the major issues that are caused from your end... the other problems are probably from the users end. But at least this way you would have done something in the right direction.

This is my 2 cent openion to the website webmaster.
chickchoc7 years ago
What a rip-off!  As a long-time "free" user, I finally get up the cash to subscribe and what happens?  Poop, that's what!  I can't download any PDFs and my computer goes into an Ice Age.  What's up with this?  Either give instructions to me directly how to fix this or refund my $$ immediately.
How to fix what? An "Ice Age"? Sorry, I don't think Instructables causes those.
Re: "How to fix what?"  I was referring to the problem of being unable to download any instructable PDF.  I'd like to have some way to correct this problem so I may use the benefits of going Pro on this site.  To wit:  customizing PDFs and printing said PDF files or even just saving them to my choice of storage location.

Re:  "My computer goes into an 'Ice Age' "  I was alluding to the incredible slowdown that occurs when I attempt the above actions.  It's as if my computer freezes up.

Any suggestions other than clearing my cache (does not help), would be greatly appreciated.
I have noticed that generating a PDF is very resource-intensive and tends to peg my CPU (IE8/WinXP/six-year-old laptop) sporadically while the PDF is generating. I wind up looking at a blank white page for a couple of minutes, and the system slows down considerably, but it does generate the PDF after a minute or two, depending on how big the original Instructable is. How long are you letting it chug along before cancelling out?
Not that hogging the whole CPU is ideal, but for bug fix analysis purposes, there is a world of difference between "it takes a long time but eventually works" and "it never works at all". That kind of distinction is valuable in a bug report, as is information about the browser and OS you are using, and any other details you can provide.

Thanks for your response!

I have an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC with Vista.  (I know, Vista is terrible, but my employer went bananas and put it on every machine so I had to follow suit if I was going to work from home!)  For browsing, I normally use Explorer, but I have also tried Firefox with Instructables.  I have not tried Google Chrome, though.  this doesn't seem to make any difference.

I run Norton Antivirus as well as SpyBot, Malwarebytes, and Ad-Aware to hopefully catch any other little nasties that may have slipped through the cracks.  Unless I'm missing "the elephant in the room" there don't seem to be any problems of that sort on my laptop.

In regard to your question as to how long I wait for a download, I have waited for over 5 minutes before giving up.  During that time, even my cursor will not move (mostly) or sometimes will spasmodically respond to my mouse.

I can use "show all steps on one page" from the toolbar, but I can't download PDFs of any kind and I certainly can't customize my downloads.  I am reduced to "cutting and pasting" information to a separate MS Word document to preserve for future reference.  This is very awkward, to say the least.

What do you prescribe, doc? 


I'm afraid that I'm perplexed. The symptoms sound like the same thing I see, except that I get a PDF eventually and you don't. The fact that you're running a newer machine than mine should net you faster results, unless your internet connection is really slow or something. I just went and tested PDFs on my Win7 machine with both IE8 & Firefox, and got my files in less than a minute, which is pretty good compared to the laptop I'm on right now.
It sounds like you're already doing everything I would have suggested, so I'm at a loss. The staff will undoubtedly know more than I do, though. Sorry I'm out of ideas.
Kiteman7 years ago
(Moved to "bugs")

Have you tried clearing your cache, as RMS suggested?

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