Nottinghack, upcoming Hackerspace in the middle of the UK

After the recent Makers Faire, I added both Mitch Altman, and Jimmie Rodgers to my Twitter follow list, I noticed they had been doing rounds of various Hackerspaces in the UK.

My first thought was 'Wow, I did not realise there were hackerspaces over here', I knew of Noisebridge over in San Francisco, and a few others. Both Mitch Altman, and our very own Rachel were both founding members of Noisebridge. It sounds like a cool place to be involved with.

My second thought 'I had better google, and see if there are any near me!'.
I googled, and eventually found one near to me, in Nottingham, called Nottinghack. It would seem Nottinghack is very new, and has only had one preliminary meeting so far. The first proper meet up is this Wednesday 24th March. I am hoping to go along! As the group is fairly young, I thought I should put a topic up, incase anyone nearby could also make it.

From the Nottinghack website,

What is Nottinghack?
A Nottingham based group for hackers, makers and crafty creatives!

What Hacking isn't!
NOT to be confused with network hacking, identity theft and computer virus' spreading etc.... Nottinghack does not condone anything illegal... Hardware Hacking is a creative, educational hobby!

Who is it for?
You'll probably be interested in electronics, robotics, DIY, hardware hacking, photography, computing, reverse engineering, prototyping, film making, animation, building RC vehicles and other creative challenges and projects.

You'll be looking for a group who can share tools, techniques and time... pool resources for bigger projects, get funding, discounts on kits and components and start classes... maybe rent a space for you to use!

Meeting at a Nottingham City Centre venue with WiFi and plenty of space... initial meetings for planning. Get in touch now and be one of the founders!

Nottinghack's Meet-up page
Nottinghack on Twitter

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Kiteman7 years ago
I believe there's a "branch" of dorkbot in East Anglia.

Hi - yes, that's right the first dorkbot anglia will be on 1st July in Ipswich -

We're hoping that each meeting can be hosted in a different town in the region.

Well the meetup went well. We are making the Archer into a Bottle Green Tshirt... £5 for members who pre-order (and can choose any colour). You can join Nottinghack at

We're doing a Hack-A-Toy poundshop toy hack and drag race on Wednesday 7th April at the Navigation on Wilford St Nottingham starts 1900
East Anglia? We've changed the venue for Wednesday's get-together to the Navigation on Wilford St 19:30 start.... all welcome as it's an open meetup.
Your pallet wrapper done yet?
Noooooooo... it's going to be easier to buy one... Give it another 6 months.
V-Man7377 years ago
:O That first pic needs to go on a T-Shirt!!
...consider it done my friend! T-Shirt available soon (ish). Anyone suggest a goodplace to get them made? I'd quite like to have them screen printed "in-house"...
I've always used Xamax for getting tshirts printed in the UK. Don't go for their cheapest T though, get the one up from that. Nicer material for not much more.
lemonie7 years ago
Too short notice: working.